AultCare available on Insurance Marketplace

AultCare Insurance Company is a Qualified Health Plans issuer in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM). AultCare will offer multiple health insurance choices for individuals when the federal government launches its Health Insurance Marketplace on October 1.The health care reform law expands access to insurance and broadens insurance benefits. Beginning on October 1, 2013, individuals will be able to visit to view plans and pricing and choose their health insurance.

As expected, rates for the insurance are somewhat higher than in the past. Within that context, however, AultCare’s rates are very competitive. In addition, federal financial assistance will be available to help qualifying individuals and families pay for coverage. Nevertheless, even with assistance, some people will pay more for coverage than they do today. Costs will vary depending on the Marketplace plan they choose, plus where they live, their age and whether they qualify for federal assistance.

While AultCare is doing everything it can to incorporate the new mandated requirements in the most affordable way possible, these changes could have some impact to a person’s health care coverage.

Policyholders will see changes from their current policies to meet the minimum standards required by the reform law. Minimum benefit requirements are broader than what many individuals and small businesses currently choose to purchase, meaning they will have to purchase coverage that is more comprehensive, but also more expensive than they have today.

AultCare, Stark County’s only locally owned and operated health insurance company, will initially enter the marketplace with a three-county service area – Stark, Tuscarawas and Carroll counties. For more information on AultCare, visit